About me

Hi! Thank you for taking an interest. I use this site to collect thoughts, my own and other people’s, on language problems. Generally (life) and specifically (the language used in the governance of information security). It is mostly a journal about what I come across when I try to understand something.

The day job

My daytime job involves government and security. I cannot talk about it much because I am not supposed to, and also because it really is not that interesting to outsiders. If you really must know more, find me on LinkedIn.

The night job

February 1st 2019, I started a Research Master in Language and Logic at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, a 2-year program. I originally thought it would take me at least 4 years, but I completed it cum laude in just over 2 years. I have since started a second life as an external PhD candidate. The dayjob continues as well, in part as inspiration. After all, it was all those endless misunderstandings between experts that first made me wonder.


If you need to contact me on my current research project on misunderstandings, please mail me using this link. I would also like to hear from you if you are lonesome PhD student like me, and would like to collaborate, in a general academic sense (our topics do not need to match)

Researcher, photographer, architect, security manager, professional worrier, perfectionist and cook.

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