About me

Hi! Thank you for taking an interest. I use this site to collect thoughts, my own and other people’s, on language problems. Generally (life) and specifically (the language used in the governance of information security). It is mostly a journal about what I come across when I try to understand something.

Researcher, photographer, architect, security manager, professional worrier, perfectionist and cook.

My daytime job involves government and security. I cannot talk about that much because I am not supposed to, and also because it really is not that interesting to outsiders. If you really must know more, find me on LinkedIn.

February 1st 2019, I started a Research Master in Language and Logic. It is a 2-year program. I orginally thought it would take me at least 4 years, but I completed it cum laude in just over 2 years. Now I have started on a life as external PhD candidate. The dayjob continues as well.

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