Thinking tools

Researchers need tools. To organise, structure, remember, annotate, compare, trace, explore and document ideas. Particularly when the researcher in question (me) cannot rely on memory as much as when she was much much younger. This blog documents my attempts to improve my workflow by outsourcing the boring bits to software.

Books and references

In Philosophia, virtually all data are stored in texts. Not in data sets, images, graphs, video or audio, although audio books and vlogs on philosophy …
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flocks of flamingo

Pretty pictures

I love graphics. Always have. Back in the days when we did not think so much about digital rights and things, I used to collect …
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Wicked boxes

This is the last of my posts on templates to use with Media Wiki. With every template I import, some others get included, so …
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Wicked fonts

There are several ways you can work with fonts on Media Wiki. There is a default font set associated with the Wiki installation (to …
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Wiki templates

Wikimedia uses templates. These are bits of preprogrammed HTML which can be referred to by name. Very useful for replacing long editing instructions, for instance …
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Wicked colours

Basic mark-up format This requires some very simple HTML-like coding. It is not difficult. To make a word have colour, use: <span style=”color:hex triplet or colour name”>text</span> <span …
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Pretty Wiki

Creating articles in Wikimedia means using the very, very basic ‘wysiwyg’ editor. Or write the HTML-style markup yourself. I do a bit of both. Headings MarkupDescription==Text==Level …
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DIY Wikipedia

Wikipedia runs on MediaWiki. My wiki does too. Installing mediawiki I use a third party installer which is packaged with my website hosting …
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I cannot remember when I first discovered mind mapping. The technique is similar to functional decomposition, which I was introduced to during the 80s, when …
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Set of tools. Hand tools for craftsmen.

Better tools tomorrow

This is the first post for the tools category. The idea is to collect useful tools, insights, books, procedures – whatever helps when …
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